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The Health Benefits of Dance for High School Students

Academic life at an East Bay private college prep school is about much more than just the core subjects of English, math, science, and social studies. Prep schools with a solid reputation and a true interest in creating well-rounded and confident young adults will also offer opportunities for students to explore their creative side in elective classes such as theater and dance. Continue reading to learn about some of the health benefits of dance for high school students.

The Health Benefits of Dance for High School Students - Orinda Academy

Free the Mind of Excess Stress and Anxiety

It goes without saying that high school students can experience a decent amount of stress in their day-to-day lives. Whether their anxiety is brought on by prep school exams or social conflicts, they can effectively reduce the impact that it has on their emotional wellbeing by moving their bodies in a dance class. Research has shown that dancing to music is an effective form of stress relief.

Improve Heart Health and Cardiovascular Function

With the many entertainment options available today that promote sedentary lifestyles, it’s now more important than ever that teens at private high schools find a healthy and enjoyable way to move. Dancing offers tremendous health benefits to the cardiovascular system, improving lung function and reducing the risk for heart problems in the future.

Feel More Energized Throughout the Week

One concern many health experts have about high school students is that their energy levels may not be as high as they should be in order to perform their best academically. Students at preparatory school can experience many health benefits by moving across the floor and working up a sweat in dance class—in fact, a weekly dance class can boost energy levels for young adults.

Here at Orinda Academy, we’re proud to offer a curriculum that sparks students’ intellectual interests and fosters their physical wellbeing. Dance is just one of the many activities that they can participate in thanks to our numerous elective courses and clubs. To learn more about our East Bay prep school, call us at (925) 357-9719.