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The Importance of College Counselors

The Importance of College Counselors - Orinda Academy

College counselors play prominent roles in the development of a student. It’s a common misconception that college counselors only help students find colleges that fit their preferences and academic profile. In fact, college counselors at private prep schools nurture students throughout their high school career. Students can meet with counselors as juniors, sophomores, or even freshmen to discuss course selection, volunteering opportunities, and extracurricular activities. Since counselors have an intimate knowledge of what admissions staff members are looking for, they can guide the student’s development throughout the high school years.

It can be difficult to become familiar with a college solely via its ranking and the list of its majors. Since college counselors work with students on a long-term basis, they get to know each student’s learning style and ambitions, and they get a sense of where a student would best fit in. While students can develop a short list of the colleges that might interest them, a college counselor can offer advice regarding a particular college’s environment.

Orinda Academy, a private college prep school, provides extensive student support. In addition to college counseling, our students have access to outside tutors, therapists, and specialists. East Bay-area families can get to know our private school by calling (925) 357-9719 or visiting us online.