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The Importance of Parental Involvement in a Child’s Private School Education

Parent and student relationship

Education is a collaborative effort that requires active participation from students, teachers, and parents for the best results. Children with parents that are involved in school activities are more likely to excel academically and socially. Talk to the teachers at your child’s private school about programs for parental involvement. Many preparatory schools actively encourage collaboration. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can get involved in school activities and how it will benefit your child:

Collaboration with Teachers Take advantage of preparatory school programs like open house night, parent-teacher meetings, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, volunteer activities, and similar events. These events allow you to build strong relationships with your child’s teachers and other school personnel. Discuss ways of keeping an open line of communication, such as exchanging email addresses, so that you can stay updated on what’s going on in your child’s classroom. While parents often keep in touch with teachers when their children are younger, some try to promote independence by taking a “hands-off” approach during the middle school and high school years. However, research has shown that these years are critical for parental involvement, and that kids with involved parents are more likely to earn better grades, improve their behavior issues, and develop their social skills.

Involvement in Home Activities Help your child stay on top of homework by working with him or her to develop a reasonable study schedule and set of expectations. Parents who establish clear guidelines and expectations are more likely to see their students achieve their goals. For example, you could insist that your child finishes his or her homework before he or she can have access to electronic devices or spend time with friends.

Encouragement of Positive Attitudes In addition to promoting academic achievements, parental involvement in school encourages children to develop a positive attitude toward schoolwork. Parental involvement promotes a healthy self-esteem and boosts the child’s motivation to succeed. Talk to your child about school activities using positive words and a cheery tone of voice.

The dedicated teachers of Orinda Academy believe that collaboration with parents is essential for a child’s success. Learn more about our college preparatory school by calling (925) 254-7553. We’re conveniently located in the East Bay area.