Importance of Social Studies

 The Importance Of Social Studies In Schools

At Orinda Academy, social studies play a central role in our college prep curriculum. We take a broad, humanistic approach to teaching our students about the ideas, cultures, people, and events that shape our world. In our social studies classes, we encourage critical thinking skills that will help students succeed on the college campus and in their professional careers. Why is social studies such a crucial subject area? Here are a few of the reasons why we emphasize social studies in our college prep program.

Cultural Understanding

In today’s global economy and world, only being exposed to the immediate community is not ideal. Through social studies education, students get to learn about the vast array of people and cultures that make up the global community. By studying world populations from both a historical and sociological perspective, students will get a better understanding of themselves and how they fit into the greater world. Further, when they enter the workforce, students will be better equipped to compete in the international marketplace by having some understanding of different cultural norms.

Citizen Responsibilities

Social studies classes help students understand the responsibilities that citizens—including themselves—have in their communities. Through social studies, students learn how all levels of government function and become familiar with the role that citizens play in shaping the legal and political landscapes. Students also gain the ability to compare and critically analyze different government styles.

Economic Education

Economics is an important part of social studies that students carry with them throughout life. Understanding how economic systems work helps high school students become better-informed citizens, provides a foundation for the business world, and even helps them manage their own finances.

Social studies is just one component of the college prep program we offer at Orinda Academy. Our private high school in East Bay offers a comprehensive curriculum to help students prepare for college and more. For additional information, call us at (925) 357-9719  See More on Social Studies at The Orinda Academy.