The Role of Electives in a Robust Education

Elective Options


Every student needs to take certain core classes in a private college prep school. Mathematics, language arts, and the sciences are essential for a well-rounded education. However, schools across the country have recently been focusing more on elective courses, ranging from traditional arts-based electives to unconventional and specialized interests. This trend comes as parents and teachers alike have become increasingly aware of the critical importance of electives in children’s overall development and personal growth.

Helping Students Discover Their Passions
A robust education is one that does not rely solely on rote memorization, but rather encourages students to pursue their passions and develop a lifelong love of the process of learning. Adolescents lack the life experience of adults. They cannot be expected to know where their passions lie if they haven’t had a chance to explore a broad range of experiences. Elective courses give students these critical opportunities. Of course, not every student who chooses drama as an elective will turn the stage into a career. But each student who enjoys elective courses does have the opportunity to expand his or her own self-identity.

Developing Skills That Last a Lifetime
Elective courses teach invaluable skills to students that they can use throughout their lifetime. Students working on a stage production, for example, learn how to work as part of a team. They can also gain leadership skills and practice the art of peaceful conflict resolution. Elective courses teach students how to manage their time wisely, set goals and develop goal-reaching strategies, and to organize their work. These are all important skills that carry over into the core academic classes.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Excelling in core curricular areas will help high school students gain admittance to top institutes of higher learning. But since college admissions committees receive so many applications, it’s essential for a student to stand out from the crowd. Elective courses offer students the chance to show college admissions committees who they truly are and where their passions lie.

Orinda Academy is pleased to offer exceptional electives to our valued students. Our elective courses in Orinda include selections that are highly relevant to today’s modern life, such as digital music production, visual arts, and drama. There’s still time to submit a rolling admissions application for the upcoming school year. Call our prep school at (925) 478-4504 today.