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The Role of Technology in Today’s Schools


When many parents think of teenagers and technology, the image of a teen buried in his or her smartphone or gaming device often comes to mind. However, at quality private schools today, technology is a way to open minds and show students the wider world and distant cultures as well as what the future may hold. A quality high school such as Orinda Academy should offer:

  • State-of-the-art technology. No school should be without current computing technology, and a top-quality school should provide top-quality equipment. Desktop computers and laptops should be available as well as the necessary accessories, including printers and scanners. Technical support should also be available in a timely manner to students who need it, and an online writing lab should be available, as well. In addition, a great school should offer quality software and classes to teach students how to use it.
  • Instructors willing to stay current with evolving technology. Instructors should hold at least basic knowledge of the technology offered in the classroom. The instructors are not there as tech support, but they should be able to provide academic guidance on how to do research online, for example.
  • Guidelines and procedures to prevent abuse. While unpleasant, abuse does happen. Safeguards should be in place to prevent students from accessing inappropriate websites, and workshops and campaigns should educate students on the harmful effects and consequences of cyber bullying as well as provide a place for students to express their concerns safely. This may not prevent every occurrence of technological misuse, but it will certainly help curb it and keep the students’ attention where it should be: on their academics.

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