Tips for Avoiding the Wrong College

College Prep School Orinda

The private high school experience fosters students’ personal growth while it prepares them to enter into institutes of higher learning. As students enter into the junior year, they can expect to field frequent questions about their plans after graduation. For many students, the thought of choosing the wrong college is just as intimidating as the question of how they should pick the right college.

College Search Timing
One common mistake of prep school students is to delay the college search process until the senior year. Similarly, some students have their heart set on a particular college and consequently avoid looking at other schools. Even if you think you know where you might attend college, it’s never too early to begin exploring your other choices.Choosing the right school for you requires intensive research and careful consideration. Remember that at this stage in the college search process, you should have about a handful of colleges that you’re thinking of applying to. After you receive acceptance letters, you can narrow down your choice.

Independent Decision Making
You should consider many factors when choosing a school or eliminating schools from your short list. But there are also a few factors you should ignore. It’s unwise to choose a college simply because your best friend intends on going there; what’s best for your friend is not necessarily best for you. Similarly, your parents are likely to offer you some advice on your selections. You should certainly listen to their advice, but in the end, your decision should be your own.

College Reputation
Colleges tend to acquire certain reputations. Many colleges are infamously known as “party schools,” while others might have a reputation for being highly selective with their admissions processes. In the end, college is really what you make of it. Visit college campuses and talk to current students before making your own decision about whether you belong there.

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