Tips for Helping Make Your Child’s Homework Time Successful

Teen Doing Homework

A significant part of your child’s life will be devoted to homework once he enrolls in a private college prep school. Aside from ensuring the good grades he’ll need for college, productive study time can help your child feel confident in his academic capabilities and guide him toward higher educational goals. To make the most of your adolescent’s homework time, consider the following suggestions:

Create a Designated Study Space The first step toward galvanizing your child’s study sessions is to set up an area of your house devoted solely to homework. You can do this either by designating an entire room as your child’s homework center or by placing a desk in a corner of his bedroom. Creating a special space for your teen’s study time demonstrates the importance you place on his educational advancement, which will spur him to take his academic achievement more seriously.

Eliminate Distractions As challenging as it may be, it’s essential that you remove all diversions while your child is studying. That means making sure younger siblings do not interfere with homework time. You must also eliminate all electronic distractions from the study area; be sure that your child’s study space is not close to a television or video game console. If your teen has a cell phone, hold onto it until he completes his homework for the evening. Though he will likely need a computer for homework assignments, you should set down internet usage parameters to prevent online surfing.

Discuss Class Expectations and Assignments Your child may not always articulate when he is experiencing stress from classes or assignments. To make sure that your adolescent is not overwhelmed by his homework obligations, make a point to go over his assignments with him on a weekly or nightly basis.

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