Tips for Planning Summer College Tours


Are you planning to tour colleges with your adolescent this summer? Summer college tours can help prep school students understand what qualities they are looking for in a college. They’re also helpful for clarifying different schools’ admissions requirements. Read on for some tips on planning your student’s upcoming college tours.

Plan for College Tours

Make It a Priority

It’s easy to put off touring colleges, especially if your prep school student is active in extracurricular activities. However, it’s important to view college tours as an essential part of the college application process. Making them a priority will save your child a lot of time and effort when it comes to deciding on what schools to apply to. Also, don’t be afraid to start early—there’s no reason why you can’t take your student for college tours the summer before their junior, sophomore, or even freshman years.

Tag It onto a Vacation

Taking a family trip this summer? Plan to visit a college campus at your vacation destination. This is a great way for your student to see how schools in different parts of the country vary, and may inspire them to consider applying to a larger variety of schools. In addition, tagging a college visit onto a vacation can save you money by decreasing the amount of travel you’ll need to do solely for college visits in the future. Finally, making the college tour a family event that’s part of your family vacation can help give your student the support they need during this time of difficult decisions.

Make Contacts

If you have a family member or friend that goes to or recently graduated from a college that your child is interested in, ask him or her to do a personal tour of the campus. This will help your child get an insider’s view of the college. In addition, it may help your student feel more comfortable when asking questions about college life.

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