Tips for Setting a Curfew for Your Teen


Setting a Curfew

While sending your child to a private college prep school is one way to help ensure his academic success, it’s also important to encourage good habits and smart decision-making. One way to do this is to establish a curfew, but doing so can present some challenges. Use these tips to go about setting a curfew for your teen:


  • Take your teen’s personality, age, and level of maturity into account.
  • Do not allow your child to stay out later just because his friends are permitted to do so.
  • Involve your teen in the discussion.
  • Learn about your child’s friends and social group.
  • Be strict about consequences to help enforce the curfew.

Keeping your teen on track and prepared for success can be a challenging process. At Orinda Academy, we know you want your child to do well in life and our prep school offers a curriculum and educational activities that can help him reach his long-term goals. To find out more about our private high school academics near Orinda, CA, please call us today at (925) 478-4504.