Tips for Tweaking Your Study Habits for Better Test Scores

Are your prep school study habits in need of improvement? If you’re unhappy with your test scores, tweaking your study habits can help you find more academic success. This guide can help enhance your study habits when it comes to your private school in Orinda:

Incorporate Studying Into Your Daily Routine
A lot of students only start studying a few days before a big test, but this process can leave you feeling confused and without extra time to get help. Turning studying into a daily habit makes it easier to truly understand each lesson you learn in class. This also gives you plenty of time to ask your peers or teachers any questions you have about the material. When you study a little bit every day, you’re more likely to feel comfortable on the day of the test!

Focus on What You Don’t Know
Do you spend equal amounts of time studying each item in your notes? While this might seem like the ideal way to study, it can also take up valuable time without helping you remember important lessons. As you go through your lessons, make a note of which items you know well and which ones leave you more confused. You should review the items that you feel comfortable with, but it’s also important to spend more time studying the concepts that you don’t know as well. This will give you the time needed to get comfortable with all of the material.

Join a Study Group
You can get more out of studying when you study with other students from your prep school! Everyone has different learning styles, which means you might understand one concept better than another student. When you study the curriculum as a group, you can work together to answer any questions you may have while preparing for a test.

These tips can come in handy when you enroll here at Orinda Academy! Learn about our private college prep school by visiting our website or giving us a call at (925) 478-4504.