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Understanding Learning Styles

Many high schools employ strategies to help students realize academic success. Tutoring help and summer classes are among the services that schools might offer for their students. What often sets a college prep school in Orinda apart from other high schools, though, is its focus on fostering distinct learning styles. Students take in and retain information in a variety of ways, and through diverse curriculum teaching methods, a private school can help students get more out of their education.


Some students may find it a challenge to sit in their seats for hours at a time as their instructors talk about calculus or history. However, for some prep school students, this auditory form of stimulation is exactly what they need to succeed. This type of learning style, which relies on the retention of information through hearing and sound, is a common teaching method because so many students respond positively to it.


Just as some students can learn through passive means such as listening in a classroom, others need to be in motion for the information they take in to have an impact. This style, which a private school might refer to as kinesthetic learning, makes the student part of the teaching process. By allowing students to have hands-on experiences, instructors can help them better retain information.


Under some circumstances, the best way to teach a student is by giving him a reading or writing assignment. This learning style allows students to ingest information through books and written assignments. Students who are voracious readers might be particularly adept at learning through this method.


While some students may not achieve academic success strictly through the written word, they do rely on visual stimuli. This learning style is likewise a common one, which is why many teachers use chalkboards, dry erase boards, overhead projectors, videos, and other visual aids to stimulate their students and help them receive the greatest benefit from their classes.

Orinda Academy structures our curriculum to encourage the diverse learning styles and academic success of our students. Our attentive and innovative instructors use small class sizes and varied teaching methods to provide a supportive and effective academic environment. Find out more about our private school in Orinda by calling us at (925) 357-9719.