Understanding the Benefits of College Prep Education for Your Child

College Prep School Orinda

If college is in your child’s future, a college prep education will help them succeed. A college prep school offers the right academics and skill building to ensure your child transitions to college with ease and is prepared to perform there. If you are considering schools in Orinda, here are some of the benefits your child will reap if you select one with a college prep curriculum.

Avoid Remedial Coursework
College prep curriculums are designed to meet the educational requirements of most universities. If your child doesn’t meet these guidelines, even if he or she is accepted at a school, part of his or her time there may be spent taking remedial courses before beginning degree work. For instance, if your child is lacking a math or a foreign language credit, he or she will have to complete the credits at college. Remedial courses are an added expense that can also extend the length of time it takes for your child to complete his or her education.

Prepare for College-Level Work
Some college freshmen enter the classroom unprepared for the level of work their professors expect. They may be unaccustomed to the amount of independent work required or uncomfortable taking notes during lectures. By attending a college prep school, your student will be better equipped to adjust to the academic rigors of university-level work.

Earn College Credit
In a college prep school, students often have access to classes that let them earn college credit before they set foot on campus. These credits shorten the amount of time it takes for students to earn their degrees and help parents save money on tuition. Getting introductory work out of the way lets students delve into their degree work sooner, which can make college more fulfilling.

Is the college prep curriculum at Orinda Academy the right fit for your child? We work with all learning styles and offer a variety of elective courses to give students a well-rounded education that will help them succeed in college. To learn more, please call (925) 478-4504.