Understanding What Sets Private Schools Apart from the Rest


Selecting the best school for your child is one of the most important parental decisions you will make. Not only do you want your child to learn in an academically stimulating environment, but you also want to her to feel comfortable and excited at the prospect of going to school each day. When it comes to enrolling your child in a new school, one of the first decisions you will have to make is choosing between a public school and private school.

High Academic Standard

Children who attend private schools face an overall more challenging academic environment than children in public schools. Children of private schools learn the value of producing the highest quality work. Most private schools have demanding grade requirements in order to effectively prepare students for the academic rigor associated with a college course load. The philosophy behind this high academic standard is to help children develop work ethic.

Personalized Teaching Staff

Repeated studies have shown that children learn best when they are members of a small class size. This is because small classes allow teachers to pay close attention to the academic development of each individual child. Children in small classrooms often feel more comfortable participating in class discussions and approaching their teachers for help when they don’t understand a concept. 

Specialized Curriculum

Because private schools don’t rely on government funding, they have the ability to create a concentrated curriculum focused on high-quality courses and exposure to the arts. Many private schools give students the opportunity to participate in musicals and art programs. Students can choose from a range of afterschool clubs to join that aren’t traditionally offered at public schools.

To learn more about your private school options, call Orinda Academy at (925) 254-7553. We are an independent college preparatory school in the East Bay area. Our small class sizes and personalized teaching methods allow each student to reach her full academic potential.