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Visit These Sites For More Information About Your Child’s Private Education

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Enrolling your child in a private school can provide her with a personalized academic setting that caters to her learning strengths. If you live in the East Bay area, Orinda Academy can provide your child with the learning tools needed for her to reach her full academic potential.

  • This USA Today article explains how small classrooms provide students with greater learning abilities and higher rates of academic success.
  • Private schools have the freedom to incorporate the arts into their academic curriculum. This information from the Guggenheim explains how studying art can improve a child’s overall academic success.
  • This article lists important questions you should ask your child’s potential college preparatory school.
  • CollegeBoard.com explains how Advanced Placement courses can help your child succeed in college.  
  • The New York Times describes how constant budget cuts to public high schools dramatically alter the quality of education that students receive.

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