While universities have a core set of classes they expect to see on a high school transcript, electives can also play an important role in a college prep school curriculum. Electives offer many benefits for students that help to support their development as well-rounded learners and individuals. At Orinda Academy, our private high school near Orinda offers a wide range of electives to our learners. Here are some of the advantages our students reap from enrolling in elective classes.

 Elective Classes


Cultivate Interests

Students in a college prep curriculum devote a great deal of time to subjects they are required to study with little regard to their own personal interests. While certain subject areas are essential learning for anyone who plans to attend college, this kind of environment can leave students ill equipped to make important decisions once they actually reach a college campus. By encouraging the exploration of individual interests, elective classes help prepare students to select the right major and coursework in college.

Improve Grade Point Average

Anecdotal evidence points to the fact that students who have the opportunity to enroll in elective classes have higher grade point averages. Students are more engaged in electives and tend to do better in these classes, which helps to boost GPAs. In addition, balancing an arduous college prep curriculum with elective classes can increase students’ commitment to school overall.

Have a Well-Rounded Application

Colleges aren’t simply looking for good grades. They’re also looking for well-rounded students. With electives on their transcripts, students get to demonstrate more of who they are as people to prospective schools and show that they are capable learners with broad curiosities.

At Orinda Academy, students are encouraged to take full advantage of our varied college prep curriculum. If you’re interested in learning more about the academics at our private school, including elective courses, please call us today at (925) 478-4504.