What Are the Ingredients in a Great College Essay?


Your child should begin applying to colleges during the summer before his senior year at his private high school. The majority of his college applications will require him to write an admissions essay regarding his academic success, student life, or personal life. Here’s a look at some of the key ingredients in a great college essay.

Focus on What Makes You Different from Other Applicants
The people who read college admissions essays see thousands of essays from students at private schools and college prep schools around the country, and possibly even around the world. It’s very important to make your essay stand out by focusing on your own unique qualities and abilities. You should clearly and carefully outline why you’re a worthwhile candidate for admission into each particular college.

Discuss Your Academic and Non-Academic Strengths and Interests
College admissions departments want to admit excellent students from a wide variety of economic, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Be sure to detail your involvement with any clubs, sports, or community organizations during your private high school career. Mention any special awards or achievements that you received while in high school, any special jobs or internships that you held, and important connections that you made.

Explain Your Goals for College and Beyond
You can really impress a college admissions office by having a clear vision for your goals in college and beyond. Discuss a particular program you want to get into, your intended major and why you chose it, and what you want to do with your college education once you graduate. It helps to explain why each particular college will help you realize these goals.

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