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Prep school gives students a place to develop academically and intellectually while planning and preparing for their future. If you are considering enrolling your student in a college prep school program to help them boost their studies and get into the college that they want, you may be wondering what a college prep curriculum includes.

Academic Coaching For students to reach their full potential, it’s vital that they get support in all areas that affect their studies. A college prep curriculum should include thorough academic and organizational coaching to ensure that your student develops the skills that they need to succeed and gets the support that they need to make beneficial educational decisions. General Education College prep school curriculum includes a range of general studies courses such as English to improve literature and writing skills, and a variety of math and science classes. Other areas of focus include social studies, foreign languages, and technology. Arts Education Depending on your child’s interests, their college prep curriculum may include courses in the arts. Some college prep schools offer classes in drama, art, dance, band, guitar, and digital music production. To prepare for continuing studies in these areas, students will practice technique while learning theory from experienced instructors. Summer School To make up for missed studies or to jump ahead academically, your student may be interested in taking summer courses. Summer school also gives your child a chance to explore new areas of study that they might be interested in, or to get a deeper understanding of particular subjects. Most schools will offer summer courses in mathematics, English, and foreign languages. Orinda Academy is a private college prep school that offers a college prep curriculum in a small classroom setting that allows our instructors to cater to each student’s learning style. If you are looking for college prep help in the San Francisco East Bay area, call us today at (925) 478-4504 to learn about our academic programs.