What Is Academic Coaching?

Students at Independent school in Orinda

Academic coaching is one-on-one student support that recognizes that each student has unique needs and a unique learning style. The educators of Orinda Academy are devoted to helping each student reach his or her academic goals with an optimum learning environment and tailored instruction to suit individual learning styles. If a student at our prep school desires additional support, he or she may elect to pursue one-on-one instruction. Our prep school maintains partnerships with two organizations that facilitate this support.

Student Organizational Services provides for-fee academic coaching on-site at our prep school. Your student can work with an experienced instructor to learn strategies for success and organizational skills. At Orinda Academy, we recognize that a comprehensive, integrated approach lends itself to well-rounded students. To that end, we have also partnered with Coyote Coast Youth and Family Counseling to nourish the emotional and social needs of our students.

If you would like to learn more about the academic coaching services available at Orinda Academy, call our campus in East Bay at (925) 357-9719. We are a co-ed, college preparatory school that accepts students in grades six through 12.