What Parents Need to Know About the ECHO Initiative

ECHO Initiative

Orinda Academy is a private college prep school that offers education for grades 8 through 12. The school is dedicated to its expected schoolwide learning results (ESLRs) and has created the ECHO Initiative to integrate the ESLRs into each curricular area. Continue reading to learn more about this program.

The Goal of the ECHO Initiative
Orinda Academy helps its students cultivate a socially responsible and intellectually inquisitive educational foundation that is designed to stay with them throughout their lives. This is accomplished by incorporating our ELSRs into every learning area with the help of the ECHO Initiative. ECHO stands for effective communicators, critical thinkers, healthy, active members of the community, and organized individuals.

A Look at Orinda Academy’s ESLRs
Our expected schoolwide learning results cover a broad range of skillsets. For example, speaking, listening, writing, reading, and using technology make up our language and communication ESLR area. Inductive reasoning, analyzing, empathizing and identifying themes are just a few examples of the critical thinking skills that our students are taught, and personal ethical values, understanding diversity, and organizational abilities are some of the personal skills that we teach. As part of our ESLRs for process skills, students learn graphing, measuring, calculating, and classifying.

The ECHO Initiative Supports Our ESLRs
In our history department, the ECHO Initiative is implemented by creating a strong foundation of geopolitical patterns and important events to provide students with a better ability to serve their future. Orinda Academy’s foreign language department emphasizes the ECHO Initiative by cultivating expressive, articulate, and composed listeners and speakers of multiple languages, and by helping them become compassionate and enlightened citizens through education in global stewardship and cultural awareness. Similarly, the ECHO Initiative is reinforced accordingly in the mathematics, fine art, English, performing arts, and physical education departments to help ensure the lifelong success of our students.

Orinda Academy offers high school college prep in Orinda. If you have questions about our private school and its ECHO Initiative, then please give us a call today at (925) 478-4504.