What Skills Will Your Child Learn at Orinda Academy?

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Orinda Academy is a co-ed independent school that offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum designed to help each student achieve his or her full potential. Unlike many schools, our private school fosters personal growth and empowerment in students, in addition to academic excellence and the critical thinking skills children need to succeed in institutes of higher learning.

Academic Skills

With extensive student support and an individualized approach to learning, students at our private school excel in academic subject areas. Students demonstrate strong language and communication skills, which they will exercise in classroom debates, oral presentations, and note taking. Our educators help students learn how to develop strong writing skills across multiple departments. As your child progresses through our curriculum, he or she will enjoy assembling and presenting a personal portfolio of work. In addition, your child will demonstrate key process skills such as the interpretation of mathematical data, the ability to form a hypothesis, and the ability to effectively use library resources. Other academic skill areas include science, social science, and foreign language.

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are an integral component of the curriculum at our private college prep school. Students will learn to discern the difference between fact and fiction, and figurative and literal language. Your child will explore inductive and deductive reasoning, multicultural awareness, and thematic concepts.

Personal Skills

Our private school prides itself on maintaining a diverse student body, including students with learning differences. Our students actively work toward greater self-esteem and other areas of personal growth, including physical well-being, responsibility, and ethical values. They learn to set goals and make appropriate choices, and they learn to become responsible and active participants in their community.

Orinda Academy welcomes students in grades eight through 12. At our private college prep school, your child will enjoy a challenging curriculum in a nurturing environment that supports his or her unique learning style. Parents in the East Bay area are invited to call our private school at (925) 357-9719 for more information.