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What Type of Learner Is Your Child?

All children learn differently. The trick to getting your child the best kind of education is to determine his or her learning style and to find a school that will utilize it. Use this guide for help discovering how your child learns:

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Most traditional classrooms create an environment that is ideal for auditory learners. Students with this learning style really benefit from lecture-style classes that present information in a verbal manner. Auditory learners tend to do the best when teachers recite information out loud and the class is required to do speeches in front of their classmates. They might not retain information when they read it, but they often do when they hear it.


Other students do the best with retaining information when it is written down. Visual learners need to see a concept to understand it. Because of this, they tend to do the best in classes that provide plenty of diagrams, pictures, and charts. They can follow directions that are written and benefit from informative films and clips. If information is provided verbally, they will not retain it as well as auditory learners, but they usually have much less difficulty understanding concepts that are written.


Most students start off their educational careers as kinesthetic learners. This means that they benefit from feeling and touching different objects about which they are learning. Most kindergarten classes use kinesthetic methods to help their students learn. By the time they reach their adolescent years, a lot of students start to transition toward auditory or visual learning styles. Some adults, most often males, continue to excel with kinesthetic learning methods.

At Orinda Academy, we have small classes and teachers who are trained to determine a student’s learning style to offer the best education. Our private college prep school prepares your children to excel in college and beyond. To learn more about our preparatory school or our admissions process, visit us online or call (925) 357-9719.