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What Your High Schooler Should Know About College

What to know about college


Every prep school student has a different vision of what college might be like. Some students may dream of making lots of friends, while others are anxious to see the inside of a well-equipped laboratory. The reality is that college life will be whatever a student chooses to make of it. Every student needs to find his or her own path, starting with solid preparation that begins in high school.

Self-motivation is crucial.

Within a nurturing college prep school, students have access to ongoing support services and one-on-one time with teachers. They also have their parents nearby to check on homework and answer questions. In college, students must rely on themselves to stay on top of deadlines and get to class on time. Students who are motivated to succeed will reach their goals.

Good time management equals academic success.
Time management skills are also essential for academic success. In high school, students should master the use of day planners, wall calendars, and similar time management tools. High school teachers may sometimes be willing to grant an extension on a deadline, but students should not expect any special accommodations from their professors in college.

Conflict resolution skills can improve life in a dorm.
Life in a dorm can be both fun and difficult. Two or more strangers are expected to live with each other peaceably in one small room. Rising college freshmen who have good interpersonal and conflict resolution skills are more likely to get along with their roommates and other residents in the dorm.

Familiarity with one or two professors can open doors.
Achieving success in college takes dedication, but students must also look beyond graduation to their future careers. Networking becomes increasingly important in college, both with fellow students and professors. Students should strive to become acquaintances with one or more professors in their departments by visiting during office hours or perhaps taking a work/study job in the department. These mentors can provide letters of recommendation.

Students graduate from Orinda Academy as resilient, capable, and independent young learners ready to succeed at institutes of higher education. Our college prep school in Orinda, CA, focuses on giving students the tools and resources they need to fulfill their true potential. Questions about enrollment in our private prep school may be directed to a friendly staff member at (925) 478-4504.