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Why Extracurricular Activities Are Important for Childhood Development

If you’re searching for a private college preparatory school for your child, there are many factors to consider. For example, if your child has a learning difference, it’s best to select a private school that adapts the curriculum to children’s various learning styles. However, selecting a private school that offers enrichment activities is just as important for your child’s development. Extracurricular activities such as clubs and travel opportunities help your child flourish across multiple areas of development.

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Improved Focus

High school students are still learning how to use good time management skills. Many kids are easily distracted. While doing homework, for example, a student can quickly become distracted by his or her cell phone. It’s often tempting for parents to discourage easily distractible kids from taking on too much responsibility. But in fact, adding extracurricular activities, sports, and other obligations to a student’s schedule teaches him or her how to use time wisely. The result is that students learn how to focus on the task at hand.

Enhanced Self-Confidence

Private schools often work toward building a student’s self-confidence and self-esteem, particularly if that student has learning differences. Extracurricular activities are an important factor in developing self-confidence. Students working on projects outside of class gain a better understanding of their strengths and they become inspired to work on their weaknesses.

Greater Social Skills

Regardless of whether a child is outgoing or shy, signing up for extracurricular activities at his or her private prep school can improve social skills dramatically. Students will learn how to cooperate and collaborate with their peers and with teachers, and they will develop important leadership skills.

College preparatory students enrolled at Orinda Academy enjoy a wide array of student clubs and organizations in addition to our Educational Adventures program, which encourages students’ natural curiosity through travel. Call our college preparatory school at (925) 357-9719 or visit our website to read about our upcoming Educational Adventures. Our private school proudly serves a diverse student population in the East Bay area.