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Why Should You Choose Orinda Academy for Your Child’s Private Education?


Orinda Academy is an independent private school conveniently located in San Francisco’s East Bay area. Our faculty recognizes that children don’t all learn in the same way; therefore, we tailor our programs to provide each child with the personalized attention he requires. We offer an ideal learning environment for creative and bright children who learn differently:

Customized Teaching Programs Because children learn best in small classroom environments, Orinda Academy ensures that there is a favorable student-to-teacher ratio in each classroom. This means that classes are organized into small groups where teachers give students the attention they require to learn effectively. Our teachers make sure to tailor their teaching styles to help each student comprehend the material that is being presented. We also provide students with onsite academic coaching.  

College Preparatory Curriculum In order for a child to succeed in college, he needs to develop proper study habits and a strong work ethic during high school. The academic curriculum at Orinda Academy includes honors courses and Advanced Placement courses. These classes expose students to the same caliber of work that they will face in a college setting. In addition, our students can choose from a number of interesting electives, including art, drama, music, and dance.

Collaborative Environment Between Teachers and Parents A guiding philosophy of Orinda Academy is that communication between parents, students, and teachers is essential to each child’s academic success. When parents feel comfortable and free to discuss their child’s learning difficulties with the teacher, she can tailor a teaching method to match the student’s academic needs.

To schedule a visit with Orinda Academy, contact us at (925) 254-7553. Our knowledgeable and highly qualified teaching staff can answer any questions you have about our curriculum. You can also visit our website to learn more about our student life activities.