Why the Arts Are an Integral Part of a Good Education

Artist's Palette With Brushes

In an academic day and age when a strong emphasis is placed on increasing standardized test scores, art-based programs are often set aside to make way for other core subjects. This trend is especially evident amid public schools, whose federal funding is dependent upon meeting rigorous national standards set forth by legislation. For students with varied learning styles, however, a creative, artistic approach to education is not only beneficial—it’s essential to ensure success. Learn why arts are an integral part of a strong education in both public and private schools and how attending an arts-based prep school can benefit your student. 

Arts Engage Students

According to a 2002 study entitled Involvement in the Arts and Success in Secondary School, students who participate in the arts in school show achievement in other realms of life. On average, students engaged in art watch less television, report less boredom, and are more likely to participate within their communities through service-based projects. Attending an arts-focused private school can help improve students’ social skills, confidence, and collaboration abilities.

Math, Language, and Higher SAT Scores

Musical instruction has been shown to help increase spatial temporal reasoning, which is the relationship of objects and ideas in space and time. Students involved in musical classes in high school are more likely to score higher on standardized mathematics tests. 

In the 2005 College-Bound Seniors: Total Group Profile Report compiled by the College Board, students involved in art achieved higher scores on the verbal and math sections of the SAT. Scores are as follows:

  • Students with a half year or less of art: Verbal: 485, Math: 502
  • Students with four years of art: Verbal: 543, Math: 541

These numbers provide compelling evidence of art’s impact in other academic areas.

By combining art exposure with the creative, all-encompassing curriculum found in prep school, you will ensure your child’s future success. Located in the East Bay, the Orinda Academy takes pride in providing students in grades 6 through 12 with a creative academic experience. Call us at (925) 254-7553 to learn more.