Writing Tips for College Application Essays


Attending Orinda Academy helps students on their path to becoming successful college graduates. Our private college prep school offers the courses and tools students need to find passion and success as they grow. Students getting ready to apply for college can get the knowledge necessary to create an insightful and intriguing college essay for their applications:

Brainstorm to Find a Topic

One of the most overwhelming aspects of writing a college essay is figuring out what to write about. Many high school writing assignments come complete with topics that students use as guidance, but the college application essay gives students an opportunity to choose their own topics. Start brainstorming to come up with essay ideas. Use lessons from your college prep English classes to help your narrow down your ideas to the topics that will let you create the best essays.

Flow Through Your First Draft

It is important to make sure your college essay offers a look at your unique voice and personality. That is why it is a good idea to let the ideas flow out of you when writing your first draft. Once you have a topic, give yourself some privacy and alone time to simply write until you are done. Do not try to create a perfect and error-free essay during this time, just continue to write as ideas come to you. This can help ensure that your voice is heard throughout your essay.

Use Your Editing Skills

College prep English courses help students learn how to edit essays for the most cohesive and interesting final drafts. Use these skills as you read through your first draft to fix any errors you may have made. You should also make sure the essay has a nice flow to it and rearrange or remove any ideas that may detract from this flow.

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