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We provide students of all learning profiles with a challenging education that prepares them for higher education and fulfilling careers.

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Students at OA develop strong relationships with their peers and their teachers in an environment where they are known and appreciated as a whole person, not just a classmate or student. These close peer relationships help students in small schools feel safe and included, regardless of their differences. Strong student-teacher relationships help students feel comfortable taking risks both academically and socially and can lead to greater social-emotional development.

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From our UC aligned graduation requirements to numerous honors classes, OA prepares students for college and life beyond high school.

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The Orinda Academy faculty and staff are dedicated to creating a nurturing learning environment. Faculty are available during scheduled office hours, but most interaction between students and teachers takes place spontaneously throughout the school day. Administrators have an open-door policy.

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OA understands that everyone learns differently. Our dedicated support staff, including our Dean of Students, Student Success Coordinator, Learning Specialist, and School Counselor work as a team to help every student succeed and, when indicated, create learning support plans that accommodate different learning styles.

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Supports are in place from day one to help students connect with classmates, find their way around, and adapt to a new learning environment. Upper-grade student ambassadors are on hand to guide new students.


Orinda Academy uses RenWeb to track assignments, attendance, and report grades; parents and students can log in and get up-to-date reports on academic progress. Teachers are available via email, during office hours, and by appointment for questions about homework.


Located near the Orinda BART station, students from across the Bay Area have easy access to OA. Our parent group also facilitates carpooling for families preferring to drop off and pick up in person.

What does it take to graduate?

At Orinda Academy, we strive for excellence in all areas of education and help students meet their goals for development. For a list of graduation requirements, available course, special programs, and accreditations, download the Orinda Academy profile.


The following is a list of colleges and universities where OA students have gained acceptance over the last five years:

At OA you will love school, love learning, and love being you.