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Orinda Academy embraces all types of learners and empowers students to take charge of their education. 

students at the whiteboard

Our bright and creative students thrive in our nurturing, small class environments. Through a combination of teacher mentoring, executive functioning skill development, and social, emotional, and academic support, every OA student has the opportunity to reach their full intellectual potential.

Orinda Academy embraces the Universal Design for Learning approach to teaching and learning that gives all students equal opportunity to succeed. 

This teaching approach works to accommodate the needs and abilities of all learners and eliminates unnecessary hurdles in the learning process. This means developing a flexible learning environment in which information is presented in multiple ways, students engage in learning in a variety of ways, and students are provided options when demonstrating their learning. 

The faculty at OA is dedicated to creating a personalized learning environment for all students. Our graduates are equipped with the tools of self-advocacy and a love of learning, ready to change the world and make a difference.

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  • On-site  Learning Specialist 
  • School Counselor
  • Reminder email to parents and students about missing assignments sent weekl
  • Supervised study hall period for 9th and 10th graders
  • Community Engagement
  • Academic Watch: added oversight for students who need more academic support and supervision to be successful
  • Leadership Class
  • Personalized college and career counseling for each student’s next steps after graduation